Y’all. I TOTES rode a HOT STINKING AIR BALLOON! *steps away from the caps lock*

Hot air balloon, much?

Is there awesome in that? THEN YES!

I went to Evo Conference last week and left inspired.




When I make my bucket list, I will get to cross-off ride in a hot air balloon.

Cuz homies – THAT TOTES GOT DID!

And I feel it was fate that my ballooning partner was the adorable and crazy-fun Karina. You know… The Bucket List Girl!

Karina, The Bucket List Girl and Me!
Candle Warmers was at Evo and I won a hot air balloon ride at the conferences. And it was AMAZEBALLS.

hot air balloon
Breathtaking, no?

Who is Candle Warmers? They are a company that sells flameless candles. You get the light, beauty, and smell of a candle, but without the danger of an open flame. I have a plug-in in my bathroom. Mine looks different, but you get the idea…

Candle Warmers plug-in

Unlike a candle, kids can “work” a Candle Warmer – with the simple flip of a switch.

CASE IN POINT… I wrote a post about Lucy’s infatuation with flames back in 2010. Here’s a section of that post:

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8 Responses to “Y’all. I TOTES rode a HOT STINKING AIR BALLOON! *steps away from the caps lock*”

  1. GQ Man says:

    Gorgeous pictures! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Jo says:

    I totes love that lamp as well!! FOR.REALZ. 🙂 That hot air balloon ride looks INTENSE!! I’m not sure I could do it, I have an irrational fear of heights these days! IRRATIONAL!! Like I have no control over it…and I totes freak out in a BIG WAY on everyone and everything around me when I feel threatened in any way by the height I am at…It’s kinda uuummmmm IRRATIONAL!! lol o_O

  3. bwahahahaha i am dying. you crack me up, girl.

  4. Angie says:

    When I write a bucket list, hot air ballooning will be on mine too! Looks like a super fab time 🙂

  5. Lu says:

    I love Candle Warmers and the crew they sent to EVO. I have a beautiful candlewarmer coming my way and I can hardly wait. So glad you loved the balloon ride.

  6. Emily G says:

    Oh my gracious … that is beautiful. Not gonna lie though, I truly almost got sick at the scene where you looked down at the road & tiny people. Phew. Don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down … I feel so silly for being a scaredy cat just by watching the video! I. am. lame. 😛

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