My Great-Grandfather, Hollywood Actor in the 30’s

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We are SLAMMED this week. The kids are in the local children’s theatre’s production of Scrooge the Musical by Leslie Bricusse.

My Great-Grandfather, Hollywood Actor in the 30’s

They have been at this since September. But starting today – between two casts there are 14 shows between today and next Sunday. My son is in both casts and MAN it’s crazy!

The picture above was taken at dress rehearsal Tuesday night. Joel is Ebby (young Scrooge), Olivia is Jen (great name!) – Ebby’s sister, and sweet little Lucy is the youngest cast member and fills a very important role as “chorus kid”.

My great-grandfather was D’Arcy Corrigan.

Maybe you’ve heard of him?!

He was the Ghost of Christmas Future in the world-renowned Hollywood movie A Christmas Carol back in 1939. You can read more about him at IMBd, or Wikipedia.

Greatness. Fame. Hollywood. It’s in my blood. So is the luck of thee Irish. No wonder I love a good drink. Again. It’s in my o’blood.

I gotta jet.

I need to put eyeliner and mascara on my 10 year old son. He has 2 shows today.

I thought I was awesome before. Nooooo. I fully bloomed my Awesome when I applied foundation, mascara and eyeliner to a 4, 7 and 10 year old, then hung out for 6 hours in The Green Room with 70 child actors…

I am trying to get in good with one of them. Maybe they will put a good word in for me with the director.

Maybe there will be a role for me someday…

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