My First Stitch Fix

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Let me start out by first mentioning… I do not know how fashion bloggers do it…

Taking pictures of themselves and/or having others take style pictures of them… HOW DO THEY DO IT?

If ever there was proof I am an awkward dork… the pictures I share with you here today are hard evidence.

Before we get too far, first let me disclose this is not a sponsored post.

Over the last few months I have had a few friends post on Facebook about their first Stitch Fix “fixes” (and second and third…) and post pictures of said fixes asking friends what said friends thought and would either purchase items based on feedback and/or personal preference.

I saw these pictures and thought, “I want a box of clothes I don’t have to go shop for!”

With Stitch Fix you sign up, you fill out a profile where you give your sizes and style preferences and share your style boards on Pinterest and you get a stylist who, based on your profile information… chooses 5 things that come in a box. To your door.

I received 2 tops, a pair of pink/fleshish-colored skinny jeans, a dress, and a bracelet.

My first Stitch Fix!



Why is there no photo of the skinny jeans? Some things the world was never meant to see. They fit. Nicely, in fact. But they were a pink/flesh color. I was excited to try them – something I would not have chosen had I gone into a store… however the color was just too skin-like and I felt may or may not have accentuated existing or non-existing cellulite.

I was pleased with each item I  pulled from the box. But just because something is cute, it doesn’t mean a girl should wear it.

After lots of input from friends on Facebook, and a few try-ons… I decided to not only send back the skinny jeans, black top, and bracelet. I already have a bracelet exactly like the one they sent, but half the width. I loved it, but couldn’t justify it. It was $32. Eeek.

I was on the fence with the black top. The feedback was 50/50. In the end I sided with the “looks boxy” feedback and in a moment of honesty I knew it would be something I’d rarely wear. The arms were cut too big & it’d be something I would not feel comfortable wearing often enough. I just loved the detail, and that is what was hard to let go.

The style sheet ROCKS MY WORLD.


Price wise… moderate to spendy. If you purchase something, you get your $20 styling fee credited toward your purchase. If you buy all the things in the box, you get 25% off the entire purchase – that works out to be a great deal. I would say that style sheet helps balance out a higher price-point.

As does the ease of returns. They include a return pre-paid return envelope. All you need to do is within 3 days go online and close out your purchases and returns online, seal your returns in the bag and drop it of at the post office or mailbox.


I like surprises so this is a fun little adventure.

I am going to try it again. I feel I am in a style rut. Not a BAD rut. I like my style, but I’m just hoping to fill out my closet with some nice pieces I know I wouldn’t find on my own. Target is still my home girl, but sometimes dating around is healthy.

If you’d like to check out Stitch Fix, you can use my referral link and I get a little love ($25 credit) when you schedule your first fix. But you don’t have to use my link.

However… all links to Stitch Fix in this post are my referral link. Because if there is love to be had, I love love. Furthermore, once you sign up, you will get your own referral link to share, and the world and love goes round and round…



And cute things.

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