My First Book – A Fun and Faithful Take on Surviving the Real World

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I WROTE A BOOK! This, my first book is a fun and faithful take on surviving the real world ❤️

Yep… I’m almost as surprised as you are!

Last Fall I sunk the bulk of my time into this labor of love and advice-giving.


It was fast, intense, and I haven’t even seen the inside yet!

You might be asking, “What the heck is this book about, Jenny?!”

Well… it’s a faith-based devotional journal filled with humor, scripture, room to write, and loads of practical advice on…. ADULTING!

Adulting for Christians: An Interactive Guide to Keeping the Faith and Learning the Ropes

Adulting for Christians: An Interactive Guide to Keeping the Faith While Learning the Ropes

Adulting for Christians is written for the Millennials and Gen Z-ers, and the adults who love them. It really is a fun and faithful take on surviving the real world.

The pages cover the gamut… establishing a kitchen, insurance terminology break-down, boundaries, dealing with co-workers, advice for the entrepreneurial is spirit, and and and… SO MUCH MORE!

13 chapters of “more”, actually!

During the writing of this book, each morning before cracking open my Word Document, I prayed… 1) for me, for as I dug in and had to tap into a level of advice giving I’d never had to before, and 2) for the emerging adults who would eventually read through this book. 

I really wanted this to be useful, humorous, and worthwhile.

My prayer those days, and my prayer now is that the words in Adulting for Christians not only serves a super-useful practical purpose, but also affects hearts with encouragement and a faith-filled hope for wide-open futures.

As the mom of one who is currently in full-on adulting mode, one who will graduate this June, and one who is in high school… my kids are in the DEAD CENTER of this season and/or… on the very cusp. The topic of and supporting my own through adulting is on the daily around here.

So much of what was poured into this book was pulled from this mama’s heart for her own children. Even WHILE I was writing this book I was passing on words I’d written for this book to my son who moved states away while I was writing this.


In fact, just yesterday we (he and I) took action on the plan for setting 25% aside for taxes for next year since he is being paid as a contractor. This is advice is included in greater detail in the book, because when my husband I were newly adulting we got into some trouble with ye olde IRS.

I don’t want these “kids” making that same mistake, if I have anything to do with it! This book Is an opportunity for that.

Though I don’t quite yet have a sneak peek inside to show, I will tell you it’s filled with:

  • Encouragement
  • Practical advice
  • Humor (obviously, it is MY book)
  • Thoughtful prompts
  • A whole bunch of really great Bible verses chosen to inspire and encourage
  • Writing/thinking space because adulting is about forging one’s OWN path!
  • It’s not mom telling anyone to do anything, but it IS a resource that pulls back the curtain to expose things to think about.

Adulting for Christians offers the new-to-adulting (or the about-to-be-adulting!) valuable resources during what can be an overwhelming, and even kind-of scary time of life for some.

If I can be so bold and say… I think this book will be a PERFECT gift for the faith-seeking graduate. Pair this gift of “adulting guidebook” with CASH MONEY for graduation, and the young adult in your life will have all he/she will need. Ish 😉

And this book is not juuuuust for graduates… it’s for any adulting human who could use a little encouragement or bush-up on the basics. It’s not just full of great advice (wow, did I just toot my own horn or what?!), but it is infused with opportunities to think and define one’s own, unique path to adulthood.

You can pre-order the book on Amazon here. Of course, when you do get it… I’d so appreciate it if you’d leave a review. I will assume it would be a positive one because I am pretty sure this book rocks 😉

Speaking of adulting, this recipe for dump cake is a GREAT starter recipe for ANYONE who loves cakes/things that are awesome.

OK. You can go pre-order now 😉

Peace and sparkles!

Jenny 🙂

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