My Favorite Snack: Bread, Bananas and the Peanut Butter

by | Mar 15, 2012 | Health | 13 comments

Well, not “favorite” in a chocolate decadence sort-of way…

Rather, “favorite” in an, “I am counting calories and really need something other than celery and water” sort of way.

LIKE, I REALLY NEED SOMETHING BESIDES CELERY, but I cannot ingest the chocolate torte drizzled with caramel and sprinkled with sea salt.

I mean I COULD ingest the cookies/torte/cupcake/etc/whathaveyou, but I SHOULD NOT.

At least not often.

There comes a time in the day when I need *something*. Something sturdy enough to punch my cravings in the face, and something delicious enough to trick my mind into thinking I’m happy not having a cookie/brownie/pie/mozzarella sticks/etc/whathaveyou…

This little snack is easy and something I look quite forward too.

1 slice of homemade bread. TOASTED *just so*…

toasted homemade bread

Peanut butter. Local peanut butter. Once you go local, you never go back…

toast with peanut butter

1/4 to 1/3 sliced banana (depending on size of banana and thickness of banana slices)…

toast, peanut butter, and banana

Open wide.

Deliver to bellee.

Rub happy bellee.

Good job.

So… what’s YOUR favorite snack?


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