My Favorite Colors: Sparkle and Green

by | Oct 23, 2013 | Sponsored, Style | 2 comments

When folks ask me what my favorite color is my answer is “sparkle and green!”

I love things that sparkle and green.

But first, the sparkle:

sparkle and green

You can’t love sparkle and not love disco balls. And 9 row rhinestone bracelets. And glittery phone cases. And of course what sparkle lover can resist a lovely pair of chandelier earrings? Huh?

Sparkle and green.

Unrelated: sparkle IS a color.

Now, about my beloved color, green. I have loved green since I was a little girl. I have tried to make other colors my favorite over time, but I always come back to my first love. I remember when I was a little girl I found out my grandma’s favorite color was green. And that was it. Green is still her favorite color too.

sparkle and green

With my phone being with me all the time, I really don’t need a clock. Unless it’s THAT GREEN clock. And then that adorable green rooster candy jar. Love it. Oh, and can anyone really have enough green chairs? I THINK NOT. And eventhough I have a perfectly fine white Kitchen Aid mixer… I will not rest until a green Kitchen Aid comes to rest on mine own kitchen counter. *le sigh*

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I have carefully curated 24 collections. Each of my own collections feature about 10 items. My Bling and Green collections are just two of my collections that happen to be around the theme of color. My other collections center generally around room themes oooooooor specific obsessions, including but not limited to purses or shoes. Aren’t you curious about my obsessions? If so, you can follow my collections here: jennyonthespotstyle.

That’s right… jennyonthespotSTYLE, y’all.

But it’s not all about me (as much as I try to make it be). You can create your own collections too! It’s rather fun, y’all. And inspiring. I would say it’s almost like creating your own personal look-book. I’ve been looking at other collections and I am just amazed at the variety. In fact, I have found items for my own collections because of stalking looking at the collections of others.

Hi, I'm Jenny :)

Hi, I'm Jenny 🙂

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