My daughter’s toe is like a lizards tail, and other observations of a 7 year old girl.

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Lucy took a good chunk out of her toe recently… a result of traipsing about the backyard with no shoes.

Which is actually, the norm.

The no shoes, not the “chunk out of her toe”…

Injured toe. At the doctor's office.

She cut the under part of her toe on a sharp rock. I ended up taking her to the doctor, not so the severed chunk could be sewed back on, I knew that wouldn’t be possible. I took her because she BEGGED to go to the doctor and also, my fear of infection.

And sensitive gag refex.

One might say I basically had the doctor do my dirty work.

Some people hire people to wash their windows, I *hire* people to clean my children’s wounds.

*high kick for insurance*

After quite-a-bit of cleaning, crying, and Lucy being brave… this finally flushed out:

a piece of leaf

A piece of leaf. Which, when not hiding in raw flesh, is pretty harmless. But IN raw flesh… that can be the end of a toe. OR WORSE.

One short day after “the event” the severed part fell off.  Don’t worry… it was expected and we buried it in the back yard.

Two days after “the event” we had a discussion about how much of the underneath part of her toe was gone. Her big brother, bless his tender heart, finally got a chance to look at it… and when he did he FREAKED. “MOM. HER TOE! IT LOOKS TERRIBLE!”

It had been a day since she had taken a good look at her toe. Instead of freaking out, her eyes grew wide with amazement and pride…

This toe is just like a lizard’s tail! THIS TOE….  IS GROWING BACK!!!

Apparently my husband and I spawn lizards.

Yay us!

Earlier that evening, we were on our way home from *here there and everywhere* and Lucy needed to pee.

Despite the fact that 5 minutes before we had just left a place WITH A TOILET.

This is an old song and dance in our family. It’s like the car puts her bladder into a MUST PEE RIGHT NOW trance.

I told her she’d have to hold it. A few moments later, I heard her little voice from the seat behind me…

Cotton candy cotton candy cotton candy cotton candy cotton candy cotton candy cotton candy…

Because we are a tolerant people, her sister “asked” her sister to stop repeating “cotton candy cotton candy cotton candy”.

Never to be without a reason, Lucy replied:

But it makes me forget about the pee AAAAAAAND it makes me think about COTTON CANDY. I LOVE cotton candy!

About 3.5 minutes later I found an acceptable side road to pull off on (it was almost 10 at night, BY THE WAY *eyes bulge*). My husband held her up as she sprayed the weeds on the shoulder of the road… only 3 short miles from home.

From lizards to cotton candy to unicorns to marshmallows… my little girl never ceases to surprise me with the sweetest little light she shines on our life.


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