Mumford and Sons at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle

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I could write all about my wonderful children, but I am afraid the content would largely consist of the word “poop”.

Mumford and Sons at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle

Plus my 6 year old asked me not to blog about her issues that resulted in an x-ray and daily Miralax “cocktails”.

While waiting for her x-ray she asked, “What are you going to blog about today?”

Me, “Oh… probably something about the very important vice-presidential debate that is happening tonight.”

Because I EVER post about political issues.

She, “Oh…”.

I pressed… “Why? Do you want me to write about this?”

Olivia, “No.”

Me, “Were you worried I’d write about this?”

Olivia nodded and looked relieved.

So… I won’t blog about THAT.

Instead I will share about what I did Wednesday night!

Plus, it was way more fun than poop. 

Like, WAY.

My friend Lisa and I went to a concert and saw 3 bands I’d never heard of. First we had dinner and an entertaining conversation that is best left to fading memories… then we headed to the concert!

We gained lawful entry into concert venue, purchased a couple of drinks and waited for the show to start.

We took pictures with our iPhones… This one, is of my red sequined Converse. Dark bars do not make for great photos…

And this one of Lisa groovin’ on Laura Marling and her talented band!

The 3 bands we saw – Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling & the headliner: Johnny Flynn.

Never heard of ’em. But now I have. And I loved it all.

The electric banjo was my fave.

Ya know, I think when it really comes down to it – live music is just the best.

It just is. 

And a final picture for posterity’s sake. Lisa scored a picture of me and good old Johnny. 


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