Mr. Spot and Me

by | Dec 11, 2011 | Life | 8 comments

My husband and I “celebrated” our 17th anniversary this weekend.

But the kids are in the thick of play production right now, so we have and are spending most of the weekend at the auditorium. Saturday night (THE day) we came home and celebrated with wine and cheese(sticks) after the kids went to bed after 11.

When life hands you a full (anniversary) weekend of children’s theatre.. make cheese(sticks) and pop open a bottle of wine!

17 years.

I can’t wrap my brain around it.


We are imperfect people navigating the waters of marriage and parenthood… imperfectly.

Me and the Mr.

I’m speechless. That guy + this girl = those kids…

the whole bunch of us

And while it is important to have couple time, I find I am far less bitter about losing a third anniversary in a row to my kids’ involvement in theatre. We do get time, Mr. Spot and I… The DAY OF is not the hinge on which we swing. Instead I chose to view this day as a celebration of what we have become together.

It’s taken 17 years to get to here…


Totally worth the wait.


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