Movember: In Which We #mustachebomb

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It’s MOVEMBER, folks! My friend Marie of Make and Takes has created a fun little #mustachebomb activity for this month of prostate cancer awareness…

Mustachebombing via @makeandtakes
You may or may not know that I keep sticky-backed googly eyes in my purse for #eyebomb(ing) purposes… evidence hereherehere, and on the gum wall in Seattle HERE!

So when Marie sent me an email sharing about her little bombing idea (visit her post about why Movember is important to her and her husband here), it wasn’t hard to convince me to join in on the bombing!

So far I (along with my sister-in-law, who is the real creative master-mind!), have bombed a gourd, a wooden fish, a tortilla warmer-bag, potatoes, a lobster, and brussel sprouts.

#mustachebomb via @jennyonthespot

If you follow me on Instagram, I will soon share the picture of the MUSTard bottle bombing. That one really cracked me up.

Also, did you know if you turn a mustache upside down, it looks like a unibrow?

#unibrowbomb via @jennyonthespot
Via Marie — Here’s what you do to join in on the fun:

  1. add a mustache to anything and everything around you.
  2. take a picture of your mustached item.
  3. upload your photo to instagram and/or twitter with the hashtag #mustachebombing
And I dare you not to giggle.


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