Motherhood, Transitions & The Art of Being Busy

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They are all really one in the same. One AND the same?

How does the saying go?

In the last week (give or take a week) I have experienced some pretty big schtuff.

I did not sign with a record label.

I did not land a contract as a television talk show host.

Nor did I win my EGOT, Nobel Peace Prize, nor did I join the local Chamber of Commerce. But one of the kids did serve a suspension from school. A magnifying glass and a smoking leaf was involved. More on that later…

My YOUNGEST went from being a half-day kindergartener…


to being a FIRST GRADER!!!

First Grader

She is most excited to be a 1st grader because she will be able to eat lunch at school!

My OLDEST went from elementary 5th gradeness… to MIDDLE SCHOOL PEOPLE. HE’S GOING TO MIDDLE SCHOOL IN THE FALL!!!

graduation cake

on to middle school

Oh, the boy. He’s ready…

My MIDDLEST passed to 4th grade.  She was worried she might not. Which is ridiculous. She is the least likely to NOT succeed around this house. But I remember those days… tearing into my report card at the end of every year too – worried… What if I didn’t pass afterall?

she passed!!!

The look of passing from 3rd to 4th!

But, my MIDDLEST – she caused me the least amount of emotional grief this past week, though I did help her at market day. Face painting.

market day(The paper with the face painting ideas – done by Stacey! She’s my smart friend.)

I helped Olivia paint the face of what I was sure was the face of EVERY CHILD IN THAT SCHOOL. Particularly any kid that wanted a spider web or lightening bolt… I was DA MAN MOM.

Other things…

I redeemed my Mother’s Day gift…

my mother's day giftI used it to get my hair did:

I got my hair did

In other happenings… I wore colored, textured tights and boots. In June. Because it’s COLD HERE PEOPLE.

colored textured tights

I put car lashes on my car.

car lashes

I did forward rolls at choreography practice for the kids camp I am helping with. I seriously bruised that part of your neck/back that you don’t think you have until you ROLL ON IT. I showed my 9 year old and asked her if it was bruised. She stepped back and with concern answered, “I think it’s swollen, mom.”

I do not have a picture of my neck/back, but I do have a picture of that one time I tried to teach myself how to break-dance… Ewwww.

Aaaanywho. It’s been a full couple of weeks.

Plus I am prepping for my Ignite Keynote for Evo (of course I will be talking about sparkly things)… And I have been a window cleaning MACHINE.

I have a question… when life is running at max-capacity… and there is barely time to cook dinner… Do you start ridiculous projects like cleaning out the pantry or cleaning windows and screens or cleaning closets?

Recently, as life has become more and more, umm, FILLED, I have found myself walking in circles for all the doing that need to be done. And instead of doing the things that NEED to be done… I pull the window screens out, or I re-arrange my canned food. Or towels.

Is it just me? I am becoming a crazy cat lady who has no cats?

And one more heart-string-jerker. This is the last time FOR MY WHOLE LIFE that I dropped off my kids at the same school. Heaven help me… I love these 3 SO much.

all 3 kids

{hold me}


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