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Note: I first shared this short essay on Motherhood in May 2012. Though my kids are 4 years bigger, my heart still feels very much the same. I suppose I always will *heart emoticon*…

I don’t know about you… but motherhood for me has been NOTHING like I expected.

I TOTALLY underestimated the blessing of motherhood.

And overestimated my brilliance.

You see, children are little people. People (little or full-grown) have wills.

Before I entered this mothering gig, I had no idea when I saw a kid tantrum-ing in the grocery store… and it appeared the mom was not controlling the child… that she was actually dying inside.

For all those people who stare at moms who have tantrum-ing children – STOP IT. WE DON’T LIKE IT MORE THAN YOU.

Despite my public humiliation… motherhood has been my greatest role.

Which is kinda weird since it is the role I have been least prepared for.


kid spells win

For the 1st grader who gets excited when she spells wine.


To be looked at like I am off my rocker…

stinkin' kid


The kids

I will never, ever, never be prepared.

Look at them.


Those are my hearts over there loitering around that water fountain. One barefoot… because that is Lucy.

Because of them I am Mom… Because of them I am living my dream.

Funny. I didn’t realize my dream included so much LAUNDRY.

in the laundry room

Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow mothers. And of course Happy Mother’s Day to MY mom. I love you Mom.

I GET IT NOW. Bless. Your. Heart.

And while today we celebrate the women who have labored in birth and/or in heart… my son still insists there should be a Brother’s Day.

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