Most-read, top 12 posts in 2012 and a HAPPY, SPARKLY NEW YEAR!

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MY most-read top 12 posts in 2012, that is…

Why? Because I kow you don’t have time to come here everyday, and what if you missed one of the best?

Or what if you are new and haven’t figured this mess out yet?

Not to impy that these most-read posts are my very BEST posts, BUT STILL.

What posts resonated with people the most? Well, it seems these did.

I learn a lot about you by looking at what is the most interesting here according to YOU.

I learned that you…

#12 …love tacos and want to know how to make THE BEST TACOS EVARRRR!

#11 …are curious about the definition of free. And your quest for knowledge inspires me.

#10 …are voyeuristic. And I am too, so I see why we get along so well!

#9 …want to learn how to create your own canvas pictures. BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME LIKE THAT!

#8 …are glad my daughter doesn’t care too. Because caring is overrated. Or something.

#7 … have a big heart an care about people, especially sweet children like Ian. And I can’t begin to tell you how much your hearts warm mine.

#6 …are supporters of child labor. Chore charts for the WIN!!! I can tell you are good at delegating!

#5 …are hungry to learn, so my tutorial on how to edit pictures using Picmonkey seemed to whet your photo editing whistle!

#4 …are SO creative and wanted to learn how to paint a pumpkin!

#3  …love fun Valentine-ery and loved learning how to make lip and moustache lollipop valentines – oooh lala!!! Y’all are CRAZY FUN!

#2 … speaking of crazy fun… I learned you love glitter almost as much as I do since so many want to learn how to make a glitter-filled insulated cold cup!

#1 … have opinions and like a little edge-on-the-spot. Should we be allowing sleepovers?

Friends Romans, Countrymen… There would be no JOTS without you.

I need the attention.

Thank you for riding the roller coaster. Your comments mean so much… they are like coal to this train that… runs on coal?

What I am trying to say is… If you were sauce, you’d be awesome sauce and I am blessed that you choose to visit my internet home… how ever occasionally or often (I hope it’s more often than occasional, but I know how life goes… so we cool!).

It’s not always tidy. I am not always ready for guests… Sometimes I miss the mark… Whatever that may be… But I hope you feel welcome, safe, and are able to find a comfortable place to sit and laugh. Maybe cry sometimes. And then laugh.

In the car with kids and a recorder via @jennyonthespot

This was me and my girls in the car recently. Waiting for the ferry. It’s all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked out a kid gets a recorder from Grandma for Christmas and you are trapped in the car with said kid.

If you have anything you think you’d like to see here (a challenge, a recipe, a craft, the solution to getting sharpie out of a denim jacket…)… please leave your idea/suggestion/question in the comments. If I can accomodate, I will. If I can’t, I’ll let ya know. I will tell you, I CAN sew, but I do NOT… so let’s just get that one out of the way.

xoxox and a happy, sparkly New Year!



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