More pictures than words, feat. Instagram

by | Mar 8, 2011 | Photography | 6 comments

I’m kidding. You know me better than that! But here are a bunch of pictures because, well… that’s what I got.

*Note: these are all Instagram pics

*Note: Instagram is the new Twitter.

windy day

My reflection in my car window on a windy day. Took this while filling up at a gas station. Some guy thought I was weird for doing this. I thought he was weird for not. So there. I win.

early morning tea

Blackberry sage tea in one of my favorite new mugs…

whipping cream

I said “YES” to whip.

oh boy, the gym

Funny. The next picture is of me at the gym. That’s what happens when a girl says yes to whip, yo. Clearly, I was thrilled.

waiting for the bus

Who says “waiting for the school bus” can’t be sexy. Not that I think I’m sexy, but what cha gonna do if I did?

gas prices, oy



This is how I usually get my coffee in me. My beloved Bialetti. Stove-top espresso – FTW!

my mac

That’s my Mac, hanging with the DJ’s. I have the BEST party music. Several comprehensive playlists have been lovingly crafted… with an emphasis on dance, 80’s and disco. In other words, an emphasis on AWESOME!

my one eye

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched?


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