More about green than about the Irish…

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Green has always been my favorite color.

green bottle

Well, aaaaaa favorite color.

green curling ribbon

As a child, I think it was my favorite color because it was my Grandma’s favorite color.

green Converse

Now that I have more of a grip on my own likes and dislikes, I think green is still my first choice in the “favorite color” department.

And it makes me think of my Grandma and I love her… so yeah. Green.

green scarf

My daughter has a book called Priscilla and the Pink Planet. In the book Priscilla lives on a planet that is … *drum roll* … PINK.

In the book, Priscilla goes on an adventure to find anything NOT pink.

Long story short, she finds the Pink Queen and convinced her that pink is most beautiful in the company of other colors.

You know what?

I think Priscilla was right…

green bubble gum

Happy St. Patty’s Day! May you find joy in all the colors… be it found in green beer, pink lemonade, red wine, blue koolaid…


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