The Monday Minute – National Waffle Day!

Howdy friends! National Waffle Day is this week you guys!!!

Happy Monday. School hasn’t started here, but it feels almost like it has since all the extra-curricular rehearsals and practices have already begun.

I’m sure most of you have seen my PULL FORWARD video, but just in case, here it is again for your easy reference to share at your upcoming back-to-school night. If you need a professional speaker on the topic of pulling forward, I am booking engagements. *wink* *giggle*

So now for the Monday Minute. Which is never just a minute!

Here is the week at a glance:

Monday – National Spumoni Day
Tuesday – National Eat a Peach Day
Wednesday – National Sponge Cake Day
Thursday – National Peach Pie Day aaaaand National Waffle Day
Friday – National Whiskey Sour Day


Have a great week! Hope you didn’t look directly at the sun during the eclipse and lose your eyesight. Cheers. And… peace and sparkles!

The Monday Minute | National Waffle Day is this week

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