The Monday Minute: National Peanut Butter Cookie Day and Others

by | Jun 12, 2017 | The Monday Minute, Video


We are upon yet another Monday.

So I made a video. No bells. No whistles.

But bells and whistles are rather loud so you probably don’t mind.

So there you have it… a reason to enjoy/have peanut butter cookies today (unless you are allergic to peanuts, that is…).

On Tuesday you may want to for  Weed Your Garden Day. And on Wednesday make sure you are aware of your blood type for Blood Type Awareness Day. Sport a smile on Thursday for Smile Power Day. And round off your week on Friday by snacking on fresh veggies while wearing your favorite pair of flip flops since it is both Fresh Veggies Day & Flip Flop Day.

So. You can whittle your life away on Facebook or binge watching something on Netflix, or you can do some of this other stuff.

Or not do anything.

Which I can’t quite wrap my brain around… the thought of doing nothing. But I hear it’s something people do. Or don’t do.

I should probably just sign off. 

Until next time, friends… peace and sparkles!

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Hi, I'm Jenny 🙂

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