The Monday Minute: National Croissant Day

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Happy Monday, friends!

Not only is it Monday, but it it National Croissant Day!

It's National Croissant Day, y'all. Party on. (via
So all you croissant lovers out there (is there anyone out there who doesn’t?), today YOUR day!

Let me break-down the other days we have to look forward to this week..

– Tuesday (the 31st): National Backwards Day

– Wednesday (February 1st): National Baked Alaska Day AND National Serpent Day

– Thursday (the 2nd): National Crepes Day

– Friday (the 3rd): National Carrot Cake Day

I am not going to observe National Serpent Day, but I think I am going to track down a croissant today. Hopefully a chocolate one.

In the video I mentioned I have no idea what Baked Alaska is, but I remember it being an item on the list of foods being served to Daddy Warbucks when Annie first came to live at the mansion. 

ALL THAT TO SAY… I decided to Google “Baked Alaska” and now I have something to file into my “learn something new everyday” folder in my brain…

It is widely claimed that Baked Alaska was first created at a New York Restaurant, Delmonico’s to celebrate the acquisition of Alaska as a state. From what I gather… it could actually be the original ice cream cake! It’s like a ball of ice cream on a sponge cake base, covered with merengue. The cake is then tossed in the oven at a high temperature, or broiler, or set on fire in someway…. to toast the merengue. But I’ve never made one, nor had one so what do I know. Gotta love the internet.

But now I think I want to try to make one because it sounds like a fun adventure. I use the word “fun” in the most liberal way. Merengue is not necessarily knows as the easiest thing to make. Here’s a recipe for S’mores Baked Alaska I found on Pinterest. I’ve not tried it, but the pictures are pretty.

Wow. Who know the topic of Baked Alaska could be so interesting!

I just want to wrap this up with a reminder to extend kindness. Today’s political climate is hot. Nerves are raw. Hearts are hurt. People are scared. Regardless of what one believes… people FEEL scared. Desperate. Confused. Certain. 

Sure, there is a lot we can so to impact social change… make calls, write representatives, speak up for or against… But there is a lot we can so outside of politics to impact social change… a simple smile, kind words, a listening ear, a soft answer, or even turning the other cheek. 

There is so much shocking news. We can be shocking too. It’s shocking when people are extravagantly kind. It’s shocking to feel heard. Give the kindness… be an ear.

Give someone a cake. Eat a cake. An entire cake.

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