The Monday Minute: National Ampersand Day

Hi all!

Happy Labor Day and…

Happy Monday!

Here’s the low-down on the week ahead:

Monday – Labor Day Labor Day
Tuesday – Barbie Doll Day
Wednesday – National Acorn Squash Day
Thursday – National Ampersand Day
Friday – Stand up to Cancer Day

So if between school pictures, children’s theatre rehearsals, Inspired You planning, Whole30-ing, football games, exercisering, email answering, voluntering, video-shooting, client-pleasing (that sounds bad), and wildly picking up after the people who appear to NOT SEEE THE CHAOS THAT TRAILS BEHIND THEM BECAUSE YOU WORK FROM HOME AND WHO CAN WORK IN THE BELLY OF FILTH AND DISORGANIZATION… and also general running around …. maybe you will have time to observe one of these days. Oh wait. That’s just me. You go ahead and just do your own overwhleming list and I’ll stick to failing at mine 😉

Happy Monday. Happy week. Do something nice for another human. <3

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