The Monday Minute: The Merry Go Round and Tequila

by | Jul 24, 2017 | The Monday Minute, Video

Oh friends…. we have quite a week to look forward to! Including but not limited to some merry-go-round fun!!!

Yep… it is going to be quite a week indeed!

On Monday, you can take the edge off with some tequila! If you’re under 21, you can take the edge off with one of those *Izze beverages. They are all the rage and quite delicious.

On Tuesday, grab your ice cream dishes and find yourself a playground for Hot Fundge Sundae Day and Merry-Go-Round Day! WHEEEE!

On Wednesday you can get your caffeine on for Coffee Milkshake Day! YUM.

For your  Thursday don’t neglect the needs of your houseplants. It’s Take Your House Plants on a Walk Day. It is also National Scotch Day, which you may need a couple shots of that to work up the courage to take your houseplants for a walk.

And finally… Friday. It’s National Milk Chocolate Day. I don’t think it will tough to observe this one!

What other days am I missing? I always hear of some great ones AFTER I share my list… WHAT AM I MISSING?!

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Monday Minute - A Merry Go Round and Tequila

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