The Monday Minute: The Hot Flash

by | Jun 19, 2017 | The Monday Minute, Video

Well guys. It happened.

The hot flash.

On camera.

Sure. I could have edited it out. But if I did then I wouldn’t be being real.

And right now, hot flashes are MY LIFE. Am I too young to be getting hot flashes?


But hormones have a will that bend to nothing. And if you are familiar with hot flashes, you know that the frantic need to unrobe as much as decently possibly is real.

REALLY real.

Today is also the last day of school for my kiddos. People keep asking if I feel excited about it.

I keep saying I am not sure how I feel. When my kids were littler, I would feel some relief from the thought of the morning routine, but anxiety about what to have them do all day besides watch television. Working from home is never harder than during the summer break.

All that to say… I am looking forward to summer for the following reasons:

  • I do not have to drive anyone to zero period 2 times a week
  • I am hopeful the PNW will warm up and I will get to enjoy some sunshine
  • A bit less of a hectic schedule. But it’s just a bit.

And I think that’s the biggest reason I am lacking some of that summer excitement… it will be less hectic, but it kinda won’t.

Aaaanywho. Did I mention my son turns 18 this week?

And then there be the hot flashes.

Life is bananas.

It is just bananas.



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