The Monday Minute: Goth Day and National Wine Day Ahead!!!

Happy Monday! There’s plenty to look forward to this week. In fact, today is Goth Day so clearly we are in for quite a week.

Personally, I am recovering from 3 weeks of play production madness… mixed with waves of sickness and other general busyness. I say all of that to say this, MY HOUSE IS A WRECK. If a house could have a hangover, then mine does. I have to nurse it back to health this week. My sister and niece are coming this Friday and I do’t want my 18 month-old niece to think I am a bad housekeeper.

Hope all is well. And good. Pay it forward with that well and good and see about being nice to people. Heaven knows that seems to be in short supply.

Peace and sparkles and catch ya sooner than later!

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