The Monday Minute: My Birthday Week

by | Oct 24, 2016 | The Monday Minute, Video


Welcome to the Monday Minute (or two)… in which I try to help make “a case of The Mondays” a GOOD thing.

My birthday is later this week and I may or may not have talked about that fact a whole lot in this week’s video but whatever IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WEEK AND I’LL CRY BLOW IT OUT OF PROPORTION IF I WANT TO.

You’re dying to know how old I am aren’t you?

Let’s just say if the number of years I have been on earth we represented by individual slices of bread… one might say the cumulative total of my years could be represented in the ballpark of about TWO LOAVES OF SLICED BREAD.


May your week move along without a hitch, and may your loaves of bread not go moldy.

The last half of that last sentence has nothing to do with me or my SUPER FLY FRESHNESS.




Hi, I'm Jenny :)

Hi, I'm Jenny 🙂

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