The Mom’s View DIY Challenge + Me = Personalized Tea Towels!

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In early January I had the pleasure of heading down to sunny California to work on a few projects with The Mom’s View… a vertical of Maker Studios.

I shot an episode of The Mom’s View Talk Show… where the gals and I talked about the pregnancy and post-pregnancy body. You can view that show here.


But I also worked on a couple of DIY videos as part of The Mom’s View DIY Challenge! The first one is out now – personalized tea towels! I bet you are not surprised what I stamped on them…

The Mom's View DIY Challenge + Me = Personalized Tea Towels!When I say these cuties are super easy, I mean these personalized tea towels are super easy.

Don’t believe me? Just watch the tutorial! And if you haven’t subscribed to The Mom’s View (or ME!) on YouTube, please do!

So…. what do you think? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

I love them and think they would make a pretty thoughtful gift… wedding, housewarming, hostess gift…

Or simply a little something for your own kitchen to add a pop of color and touch of personality.


Now, I’m going to keep it real… shooting this was my first experience with a teleprompter. So, if I seem a little stiff in the video it’s because apparently some of my personality hides behind my hair (or somewhere) when I read from a teleprompter.


But here’s to new experiences! And I think it is just a matter of time before the teleprompter and I become dear, dear friends… I just know it. I just hope I get more chances.

Practice makes perfect…

But… personalized tea towels.

I think I need to bring that craft home. What do you think?

The Mom's View DIY Challenge + Me = Personalized Tea Towels!Peace and Sparkles!!!

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