Mom? Why do you say “Yes” so much?

by | Jan 25, 2012 | Life | 8 comments

Now, my daughter didn’t ask me that because I say YES to HER so much.

We were eating dinner and I was, I guess, blathering about the long list of things and tasks and obligations.


I totally just wrote, “yawners”.


Aaaanywho. In response to my mid-level belly aching, my daughter asked, “Mom? Why do you say YES so much?”

I told her it was because I’m amazing and need to be needed and surely the world as we know it would come to an end if Amazing Me…. yammer, yammer, chaw, chaw, yammer…

My daughter laughed.


Because she’s my daughter and she knows. She knows…

The reasons I say yes are as follows:

  • Guilt
  • Self-importance
  • Guilt
  • Aggrandized view of self
  • Guilt
  • I actually kind of like being helpful
  • It’s way more fun that being NOT helpful

I wonder if her line of questioning had anything to do with her comment about how empty our fridge is… if she thinks that our empty(ish) fridge is a direct result of my yes-saying .

Yeesh. I guess the judgementalism starts early these days… like at 9 years old.

Ladies, can we all just get along???!

I did a little gorcery shopping after the kids went to bed.


Do you ever talk to yourself?

I do.

Look at you being all not-shocked.

My blog is kind-of a place for me to talk to myself.

Except writing, not talking.

Hi, Self!

You may be thinking I am *this close* to earning a trip to a padded room.

Maybe you’re right. I had a whole other topic mapped out (about farms, I know you’re disappointed)… but something inside me (maybe one of my unidentified other personalities) wouldn’t let me.

No really.


How do you keep nail polish on your finger nails?

For serious.

My toe nails do fine, but my finger nails do not accept nail polish longer than a few hours.

True story.


Do you know how to Dougie?

You need to learn how to Dougie.


I haz been praxstisin, y’all. I know how to Dougie.


*Disclosure: This post was not written under the influence. Unless you consider exhaustion and a sudden influx of anxiety influential. In that case, then… OK. This post may have been written under the influence of those. And an undiagnosed other personality. Oh, and I did listen to Teach Me How To Dougie by Cali Swag District while writing this. Other than that… totes not under any influence at all whatsoever. Hey. I wore an orange skirt the other day…



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