Missoni at Target (alternately titled: What Hole Have I Been Living Under?)

Missoni at Target. I’m talkin’ about Missoni and Target dresses, even a Target patio set… but Missoni. Missoni shoes… kid shoes, ladies shoes, accessories, bags and purses. Missoni, Missoni, Missoni.

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

And I was all, “Miss-who?”

I guess it was kinda a big deal.

Missoni launch crashes Target Web site, spreads mayhem

(source here)

I heard rumblings about this on the interwebz. Peeps on Twitter were all, “OMG. TARGET IS DOWN! THEIR WEBSITE IS DOWN!!! IT’S BECAUSE OF MISSONI! MISSSSSONNNIIIIIII!!!!”

People were running around in the streets, tipping over cars… surely the end of the world was…

But seriously. My mind was all… “Missoni? MISSONI? Ur spelin it wrongz, y’allz! It’s M-E-R-O-N-A.”

Oh and, uh… Merona? It’s respectable line-o-bland-wear. We all own or have owned Merona.


So, I initially thought Merona crashed Target’s site. Or was it Mossimo? Oh my.

Maybe khakis were making a big comeback? It could happen!

I decided to click around and get to the bottom of Merona’s sudden fame.

As I clicked around the interwebz the light bulb turned on. I realized there wasn’t a mis-print. It was Misssssoniiii not Merrrronaaaa. “Uh…. HAVE I HAD MY HEAD IN HOLE? WHAT IS THIS ZIG-ZAGGEDY BUHRRRRILLLLLANCE???!!!”

I mean… I am even on PINTEREST, people.

I have good taste!

I have even pinned VALENTINO, people!

elite handbag valentino sidebow zip top satchelUnrelated… My birthday is October 27th. *ahem*

I have 53 pinboards and almost 500 pins to prove my good taste!

I’m a division manager in charge of 49 people! I drive a Dodge Stratus!

I digress.

I am not a fashion diva, but I do think I am at least at a level where I would know when something is hot at Target. AT LEAST! FOR CRYIN’ IN THE NIGHT!

I mean really, friends…. IT’S TARGET.  That’s mah hood, yo!

I heard about the long lines – like OUTSIDE OF THE STORE lines – of people trying to get their hands on this stuff.

Missoni ClothesInstead I sat in front of my computer in my 3 -year-old Gap yoga pants… cranked up my Pandora Cake channel, and sipped on my delish home-made mocha… I may or may not have pinned something, just to prove to me I still had cute taste.

Maybe I pinned a recipe, even. A literal ode to good taste, no?

I didn’t go to Target that day.

Things I Don’t Do:

  • Early-morning-day-after-Thanksgiving shopping
  • Big county fairs
  • Food festivals
  • I shouldn’t do the self check-out at Walmart…
  • Pink Floyd concerts at the Rose Bowl
  • Rush on Target for Missoni

Then again, I see a pair of $39.99 Missoni shoes are listed for $129.99 on eBay.

SRSLY? Srsly.

I mean. ZIG ZAGS?! FUN COLORS?! Who can resist? We all know how I feel about colored tights

Missoni miscellanea

photos: ology, whatshaute, beautyblitz, elitechoice

So. Did you go? Were you in “the know”? Do you have something Merona in YOUR closet?

*Just so you know… I am not being paid to blather about this little union. It just caught my eye. Brightly colored zig zagged textiles will do that to a girl like me.


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17 Responses to “Missoni at Target (alternately titled: What Hole Have I Been Living Under?)”

  1. Oh, you torture me, girl.
    I don’t do Merona (too mom-shaped) but I do love me some Mossimo.
    And I’m THOUSANDS of miles away from the nearest Tar-jay.

    Gonna have to get my Momma to stalk me some tights. I need some of those tights.


  2. Chantelle says:

    So glad I wasn’t the only oblivious one. 😉

  3. I was totally oblivious.

    South Texas obviously doesn’t care because our Target shelves and racks were fully stocked as of Saturday & sunday and only a few things were gone yesterday 😉

    and merona totally rocks 😉 <3

    • Well, looks like you have a little reseller gold mine on your hands! And yeah… I just had no idea… none. Maybe at some point I’ll own both Merona and Missoni… I do love my Mossimo cardigans. SO soft!

  4. Dood? I practically LIVE AT TARGET and I have no idea. Missoni who? Yeah. And zig zags…whatevs.

    Srsly. I lerves me some Target. And Merona? WHOLE CLOSET. Except for a few Mossimo pieces I insist on squeezing into. And I do mean squeeeeze.

  5. Adriane says:

    Oh, I knew about it. But I’m just not interested. I don’t get it. I would seriously never wear that stuff. I’m so plain. But plain suits me so it’s all good. PS, LOOOOVE that Valentino bag!

  6. Jen says:

    I do not and did not understand all the fuss. Sure its cute but really?! Really?!

  7. Jennifer S. says:

    Sadly, I still dont know. Although, I love me a self-checkout.

  8. Kristin Jag says:

    I am sure this won’t surprise you, but I knew about it. I too though, hate big groups and stuff like this, so I stayed home.

  9. rachel says:

    Dude. That missoni stuff is ugly. But that bag? Oh, I LOVE!

  10. Cjristina says:

    Missoni is pretty cute, I was aware of it…really, I was. But could not grasp the mayhem! Seriously people… Lighting cars on fire? For Mero… Er… Missoni?? Now, I might turn a car over if it meant I could have that bag… Oh *SWOON*. super cute post and strangely enough…I can’t wait to read about your butt :).

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