The Minimalist Parenting Fundraiser to #HelpWomenAtRisk

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What is minimalist parenting?

Minimalist Parenting, what?!

Well, since there’s a whole book about it, I hesitate to say much about it. But to say it’s kind-of the opposite of the mania that modern parenting (see also: the first-world issue of abundance) drags us into… I might be over-simplifying. Think minimal. Minimalist parenting, to be specific.

For me, it has been a book that has inspired me and when I close it, I close it feeling empowered and encouraged rather than guilty and fearful that I have ruined my children.

I have know both Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest (the authors of Minimalist Parenting) for quite some time. They are women I met through my journey here in the blogging space. They are women I have grown to admire and adore. Speaking of adore, I adore this:


I haven’t linked to this awesome and must-read book yet because I want to make sure you use a specific link when you go to purchase your copy of Minimalist Parenting:

Between October 1-31, 2013, Asha and Christine will donate 100% of royalties on all copies of Minimalist Parenting sold through the specific tracking link to Women At Risk, an Ethiopian organization that helps women lift themselves out of prostitution, providing them with practical support, job training, and viable employment. You can read more about Women At Risk here.

Not only does your purchase of this book help lift world women – women just like you and me… with dreams of sweet families to stress over, or dreams of making a good life… But you are purchasing a great book that I know will leave you encouraged and hopeful as you continue your own parenting journey. You don’t need the book? Cool! I bet you know someone who does. This book can also be a lovely gift… think of any parent in your life. It really, truly is a great book.

As we wrap-up the month of October, perhaps we can help wrap it up in a change-the-world sort-of way. When you use this special Amazon link You can find out more about the effort to help women at risk here:

*Thanks for taking the time to read this through, guys. You are the best and I love the opportunity I have through this space to share wonderful things with you. Know I get many requests to feature lots of things here – from flat-out product promotion to cool tools to cause-awareness to fundraising to beyond…

The thing is, my heart is for women and children… so naturally I want to share this opportunity to make even the smallest difference. One person can’t save the world, or even one community. It is the effort of many that changes lives. And if you can’t do it right now… I understand. I really do. You have the link to Women at Risk when you are able to financially help… and you know how to contact other causes that touch you deeply.

If you financially can’t help this specific cause… you can still touch lives. Share this post – you may know someone who can! Bake and deliver a treat with someone who has been on your heart lately. Leave a day-making note on a windshield. Give a loving eye to the mom who is struggling with the tantrum-thrower in the grocery store – instead of giving hat judge-y eye. Cut a break for your kid – they do KNOW they should put their dishes away, but we can be quiet, sweet servants… even to our own children. And/or husbands. 😉

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