Join Milk’s Protein Fight Club

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There’s a Protein Fight Club?

Indeed there is… MILK. It has it’s own fight club now – the PROTEIN FIGHT CLUB. How does milk stack up agains it’s competition? Real nice, it seems!

Milk's Protein Fight Club

*I am proudly sharing this information with you as a Milk Mustache ambassador. Thanks to milk for sponsoring this story so we can all learn about the protein benefits of milk!*

Looks like one of the bouts is already on YouTube:

One serving of milk has 8 grams of protein… making one glass a front-runner when it comes to getting one’s protein on!

As a mom, I know that getting good protein into your kids can be a harder task that it seems… especially in the morning. I’ve always turned to milk as a staple for our morning routine. Fueling right is so important. But even as an after-school snack, milk shaves off the hunger pains and satisfies. Though other things satify too, lets see how some other options stack up when compared to the protein power that a glass of milk packs:

Milk's Protein Fight Club - Milk vs. The Everything Bagel
Milk's Protein Fight Club - Milk vs. Orange Juice
Looks like milk is pretty stiff competition. I invite you to join the Protein Fight Club too. Here’s a little badge for you to share on Pinterest or Facebook, or Twitter, or…or frame! You can even make it into a tattoo! Now THAT would be veeeeery Fight Club of you!

Milk's Protein Fight Club Pledge
Be further entertained and learn more about Milk and the Protein Fight Club on YouTubeFacebookTwitterInstagram, and of course Pinterest. And tell me, are you in? *flexes muscles*

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