May your days be merry and bright…

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Like, for reals.

I’m not even kidding.

May your days be merry and bright!

And sparkly!

Not so much sparkly in a Ke$ha sorta way… but sparkly in a child’s eye sorta way.

This last week, or 2, or many months…. have been filled with lots of ups and downs… personally and beyond. I try to keep this space on the *up* side of things because I figure news outlets can cover the rest.

As we have been drawing closer to Christmas, I have been drawing closer to my family. Partly due to the “spirit” of the season, partly due to my awareness that this world is a painful place, and partly due to the fact I am discovering that despite the fact my kids are not babies anymore… they still reach for me… and almost need me more.

le family via @jennyonthespot
So… from my filled, and sometimes burdened heart, and definitely even more often distracted self… knowing not all who may read this recognize the Christmas holiday… I do want to extend a wish and hope for blessing over this season that is peppered with many different observances.

But because I do celebrate Christmas, and am the praying kind… I also want to say Merry Christmas, friends. Blessings, hope, and prayers as we press on… standing at the edge of a new year.

I want to thank YOUS GUYS… because you have blessed me. An occasional comment comes in that leaves me scratching my head, but this space has become such a lovely place to land. I am blessed to have been able to connect with some great people here. Thank you for the important role you play in helping make this place safe. And fun.

And nice.

I like nice.

So… Onward with sparkles and silliness and expired spice confessions…

expired much? via @jennyonthespot

(In my spice cabinet. TODAY. Ground cloves. Expired: June, 2002)

In case you are not familiar with what year it is… 2002 was OVER TEN YEARS AGO.


From my family to yours.

My family via @jennyonthespot





And whathaveyou.


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Peace and Sparkles!


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