Making Movies and MAGIC Out of Memories with Magisto! #My2013

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You know me. I’m kinda into video.

And in this world, where almost every mobile device has a camera, a camera that shoots video… we all are kind-of video people.

I just publish mine, and take a lot of videos of myself and I understand this might mean I should seek professional help, but this post is not about ME – it’s about MAGISTO

Movie Magic with Magisto

Magisto is a cloud-based service for creating and sharing professional-quality personal movies, driven by artificial intelligence and simple user experience. This is the part that made me raise an eyebrow and be all, “WHU?!”…  It automatically selects the most compelling moments and, like an expert video editor, weaves them together to convey a story with customized styles and music.

Automatically? I say AUTOMAGICALLY!

By the way, this is a sponsored post on behalf of One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own. And when I was first asked to join this campaign I was reluctant because I’m a video gal, which means I know the time it takes to make video. Even when it’s not the holiday season, I don’t have a lot of time to play around with new things. As tech-savvy as I think I am, I resist new technology because the time it takes to learn them.


Oh my golly goodness. Let me tell you. If you have loads of clips of sweet family things and either don’t have time or have no idea what to do with them – OR BOTH. May I be so bold as to say, Magisto is the answer.

How does it work? Use Magisto’s iOS, Android or Web app to create a Movie featuring photos and videos of your most memorable 2013 moments. For my movie, I used my web browser because most of my videos of the family are on my external hard drive. I have tons of little clips of family time and as much time as I spend editing my own Jenny On the Spot videos – the family ones are so overwhelming. Little clips here, HUGE clips there (theatre kids, yeesh!)… and all we really want is to be able to watch.

But in this very busy season with so many video clips living on our mobile devices, how cool to be able to make a sweet video right on our phone… perhaps while waiting in the car to pick up the kids from the bus…

Get started:

  • Download the app or head over to and create an account
  • Select photos and videos you’d like included in your Movie
  • Choose a video style and soundtrack (you can add your own music!)
  • Give your Movie a title
  • Sit back while Magisto creates your Movie for you



I know. I know. You are busy. But seriously. It created a little folder on my desktop of the things I wanted to upload… went to Magisto, followed the steps above… made a cup of coffee, made a grocery list for the husband, advised my daughter not to add glass ornaments to the tacky Christmas sweater she was making… and stuff… and VOILA!

In fact, it was so easy ad fun… I went ahead and made TWO!

Right now Magisto wants to get the word out about their very cool product… So they are having a contest,”I Remember 2013 Because…” It kicks off December 5th and ends December 31, 2013. It’s been a rich year, filled with amazing adventures, challenges, silly stuff and heartwarming everyday moments. When you look back on 2013, what do you remember most? Magisto invites you to capture your favorite 2013 memories for the chance to win an iPad Air and other great prizes.

Do you have more than one reason to remember 2013? (I think we do!) Share them all! Create as many Movies, and to enter as many times, as you’d like! All Movies with #My2013 in the title will automatically be added to a special “I Remember 2013 Because…” contest album!

Hey, how about a Magisto upgrade?

Sign up at Magisto, got to Settings, then enter My2013 in the Redeem Code field. What do you get with your very own free upgrade?

  • Clips up to 25 minutes
  • Up to 25 clips
  • Up to 30 photos
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Offer ends December 31st!!!

Magisto can be used across iOS, Android and the Web, and is the highest-rated video creation app in the Google Play and iOS App Stores. More information is available at and

Whaddya think? Pretty cool, yeah? I’d love to see what you create!

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