Making Lemonade

by | Jul 15, 2010 | Photography | 6 comments

vodka tonicI love great pictures, but who doesn’t?

Over the last number of months I have had some hurdles to overcome as far as being able to take really good pictures – both still AND moving:

  • My Flip was stepped on & now my video-taking capabilities have been kind-of kicked in the balls, if you will.
  • Our really nice camera (the one that zooms and whathaveyou) has decided to stop breathing, if you will.
  • My point & shoot is hacking and coughing. And though she cannot speak, I swear she has a stutter… but her will to live is inspiring.

The resources it would take to replace these items is, shall we say, being used on things like bread and beans and peanut butter. And coffee. Maybe even some special sauce in select circumstances – like after I realized Ms. Flip was flopped.

However… and on the bright side… though iPrecious died, the acquisition of iPrecious II (the iPhone 4) has filled my heart with hope…

*cue making lemonade* *or vodka tonic*

On my family’s recent camping trip I made the decision to stop my internal foot-stomping about not having a zoomy lens and the uber-handy Flip camera. I decided I would learn to love the tools I already have – mostly housed in my phone.

*spoon of creativity clanking* Do you hear that? I am stirring lemonade! I would like to share some of the beauty I have been enjoying in my new-found resolve!

Here is the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone in all it’s glory on our camping trip:


foot traffic only

Then there is the awesomesauce-nes of TiltShiftGen:

the lake

log rolling

But then again, nothing can compete with a sunset — Nature’s very own app *wink*:

nature in it's glory


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