Make We Laugh (or gag) Monday: A Most Unfortunate Picture

by | Oct 25, 2010 | General | 3 comments

Remember my one story about the chocolate frosted honey bun? The story about the time I was tearing into one while sitting at a red light? And… oh… you will find all the sexy *ahem* details here.

Well, I tried to find a picture of a chocolate frosted honey bun in the onlinez for that post. I like visuals. I was unable to procure my own picture of my own honey bun… because

I ate it.

And I never did post the picture I found online. The unfortunate fact of the matter is…

chocolate frosted honey buns look like poopie:

chocolate frosted honey bun

[photo credit: here]

I doubt I could have done any better in capturing the likeness of a chocolate frosted honey bun. I dounbt, though I would have staged a photo shoot of chocolate frosted honey buns on fake flower petals, but… it takes all kinds…

And, if I think about it, when I am having a down day… thinking about how non-photogenic I may or may not be… I will just think of the unfortunate chocolate frosted honey bun, and be thankful that thought I may look like a wreck —

I will never be mistaken for a poopie.

I am sorry, Chocolate Frosted Honey Bun… you may not look good in pictures, oh but the things you do to my taste buds…

Did I just write a little note to a chocolate frosted honey bun? Two posts ago I wrote to my dog. Now I write to a chocolate frosted honey bun. What does this mean???!!!


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