Make We Laugh Monday: With My Hands I Can…

by | Oct 18, 2010 | Family & Friends | 5 comments

I am thirty-none-of-your-business years old.

If someone gave me the writing prompt, “With my hands I can…”, I’d probably write one or all of the following:

Feed myself.

Button a shirt.

Stir stuff.

Spray glitter.

Text my BFF.

Update my Facebook status.

Sprinkle sprinkles on cupcakes.

Write in the sand.

Write a blog post…

But I when one is 5 and the kindergarten teacher gives this prompt,

class project

With my hands, I can...

My daughter… My dreamer… My driven little spawn of goodness, hope and all things dreamy comes up with this:

my hands

hold a chocolate bar and two balls

Inspiration can be found in anything and everything. Lately, as I hunger and thirst for inspiration… in writing or just coping with the daily grind… I am finding a fountain of inspiration in my little girl. Her eyes are open. Everything is exciting. A simple pink bow in her hair, I swear, makes her eyes sparkle.

How does she do that?

Even her disappointment inspires me. A child’s unaffected view of how things should be… viewing all things in full color. Without concern. Yellow is yellow even if it’s purple.

Ooooooooor… one can hold a chocolate bar and two balls at the same time even if short one pinky.

So. I have to ask — what inspires you lately?



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