Make We Laugh Monday: Texting With My BFF

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*Real quick – Seattle area ladays! I am on the panel at Girl Power Hour on the 18th: 2.0verwhelmed – Making Sense of New Media – Professional Development & Networking Event… It’s gonna be GREAT!*

Now… the post…

At some point, I will be able to prove to you that I totes met Samantha Bee.


*flips hair*

Yeah… We rode in a sleigh together. There was a boom mic. A film crew.

And great fun to be had

The boom mic was looked a Furbie fuzzy rabbit. I wanted to pet it. But I didn’t want anyone to think I was unprofessional… so instead I batted at it like a kitty bats at a laser light.

Like you wouldn’t bat at a fuzzy mess that was held 6 inches from your nose while you rode on a sleigh in San Jose, California:

boom mic

You tell me you wouldn’t have an urge to pet it, bat at it or dust something.

And I’ll show you a someone who is sane.

If I am anything, I am not sane.

*sigh* It is at this point I realize Hollywood will never have me… or will she??? *rubs chin*

Regardless. I put on lip gloss, but did not powder my nose.

I have dry skin.



Samantha Bee was warm and kind. SO much so, in fact, when she offered to shake my hand… I just said, “Can we hug?”

I am sorry Samantha. As I write this I think,


Bless your heart…

I really am harmless. Outside of my urge to pet boom mics and whathaveyou…

When I was finished, I texted mah fren Lisa that I was just on a FOR REALS video shoot. With my new close friend SAMANTHA… and, like all perfect friends… Lisa cared not about how soft Samantha’s skin was I did in front of the camera. She wanted to know…

text from BFF

And I was all,

my reply

And she was all,

text from BFF

Heh. Heh.

Heh heh heh…

Oh does she ever crack me up…



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