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by | Aug 23, 2010 | Joel | 3 comments

Come Sunday night, I often find myself in semi-scramble mode to come up with content for a good Monday Laugh. I find myself pouring through iPhoto, or peeking through past comments or google-ing strange things – with the word “funny” being the root of my creative, albeit LONG string searches.

I really don’t want to regurgitate web content. Well, not every week. I do love to pass on golden nuggets of hilarity…

This week, I want to share a few pictures… Pictures I have taken over this last week. Pictures of things that made me laugh. Perhaps you “had to be there”… perhaps not.

Regardless… as I post the following pictures… I want you to think — about the snapshots of humor that happen all around. As the heaviness of life presses all around… as tasks and expectations bind… Take a deep breath. Step back – either literally or mentally. Look around. Watch your children – the children of others… or nature… listen to the conversations happening around you… be a watcher.

Here were some moments I caught last week:

1) A dirty window? Not funny. What my son said ABOUT the dirty window of the van we parked next to? FUNNY.

Hey Mom!!! It’s a double rainbow!!!

double rainbows

2) My friend Katie. Everybody should have a Katie. She lead my kids’ drama camp last week. We had a few hot days, and she was prepared. Her camp name was “Fairy Godmother.” What kind of a fairy godmother would she be if she misted the wilty campers with a regular old mister? A fairy STEPgodmother, I suppose. My Katie Fairy Godmother crafted THIS inventive, hilarious and functional mister… and aptly named her – Misty Mister… I know. You want Katie to be YOUR fairy godmother too!

misty mister

3) My son’s Nerf gun arsenal. He saves and saves to beef-up his nerf-arsenal. A boy never knows what piece he’ll need, and he may need any one in a hurry. My boy is prepared, and judging by this system – color coordinated bullets are all part of the strategy. You can read more about how we got to this point here… I used to be anti-gun. Now I am just impressed.

Nerf gun arsenal


The monies ahead… on my review site!

  • $150 here – it’s about the guns and the funny… (see picture above)
  • $100 here – the summer wrap-up


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