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Usually, Make We Laugh Monday is content driven by my own funny bone. For example, I saw this product at the grocery store, and… and… Well, imagine my laughter when I saw that Jay’s bar had no junk…

no junk bar

Poor Jay. How is that even possible?


I love my kids. And there are points in my parenting I feel like my husband and I have been hitting the nail on the head when it comes to guiding their development. We take special pride not in their ability to read, but rather in their keen and highly evolved senses of humor.

And though they are half-me… they are still half NOT me, so… there is still much work to be done. For example I had to break it to them recently that Knock Knock jokes were not funny. Sorry kids. I guess sometimes you have to break a bone to make it stronger.

Yeah. Herefollows a few choice YouTube videos that had my kids belly laughing, ROFLOLing and guffawing… Whether or not I thought these videos were funny, it was like watching double rainbows to listen to my kids laugh wildly together…

Forwhatever reason… this one about a 2 legged horse nearly cracks them in half. But I cannot bring myself to embed it because I absolutely hate the title they gave this.

And would they be kids if they didn’t love the Darthmatic Chipmunk and Alien Dog?

Alright. While I’m at it, I’ll confess. The WHOLE family LOVES this song. It’s the first Christmas song we play every year.

Don’t lie. You KNOW that is hilarious. It’s “Jingle Smells”. You can get it in iTunes.


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