Make We Laugh Monday: I’m Actually Jealous

Why does Barbie get all the cool stuff?

Seriously. First a Corvette, then a hot tub party bus, then Ken… and now a glitter hairdryer?

I don’t think this is funny at all, actually! It is TOTALLY unfair.

She’ll never appreciate the glitter hairdryer like I would.

And from what I understand, were we to go toe-to-toe in a game of “Who can stand upright the longest“… I would WIN.


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2 Responses to “Make We Laugh Monday: I’m Actually Jealous”

  1. Maddie wants this SOOOOOO bad.

    I don’t think she’s ready for it at 4.
    I am a different story, however. How cool IS it??

    So…are you getting one??? For your girls, I mean. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

    Go on, you sooooo deserve it.

  2. Dumblond says:

    Holy crap! They need to rename that the JennyOnTheSpot Hairdryer!!
    I’m really hoping my daughter never sees that commercial. The begging would be ENDLESS!!

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