The Junk Drawer Haul

by | Feb 14, 2011 | Video | 16 comments

I have noticed that “the haul” is quite popular over there on the YouTube.

And me, never being one to pass-up a chance to make a fool of myself also be popular, I have made a haul video of my own.

The only diff’ between me and those other girls is I could be their mother I cannnot wear a size 0 I have not been on Good Morning America I am a mom. OK, and old(er).

I’m just livin’ my mom-ness to the fullest. Technically my “haul” after a trip shopping consists of things like: 4 bags of socks I have to buy nearly weekly for my pre-teen son (it’s like he has sandpaper and knives for feet!), maybe shoes for my girls (because we have a shoe monster in our home that eats one shoe, but not the both of a pair) and toilet paper (5 butts to wipe at our house) and also bananas, and salsa, and bagels, and deoderant… and perhaps the registration receipt for all 3 kids to be in the local children’s musical theater group.

Those girls in that other haul video… WHO CAN WEAR THAT MUCH MAKE-UP?!

But really… I’m just jealous of their haul. I want to buy make-up and shiny things for me, me … ME!

But, instead of dwelling on the haul I CAN’T do… I decided to focus on the haul I CAN! I imagine this is also one haul you can do too – who doesn’t have a junk drawer?

Oh yeah… and happy Valentine’s Day! I already talked about Valetine’s Day over here…


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