Make Me Laugh Monday – The down and dirty on my family.

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Family in the mud

My family.

SO serious in the mud

Not a serious one in the bunch.

Ha! Get dad!!!

Full of love.

gettin' my boy


nailed him!


the family plank

Always ready for a… challenge???


Family pictures often mean wild hairs pressed in place and proper smiles.



As I weave through the twisty and unpaved roads of my own motherhood I am discovering how important it is to intentionally insert play and fun into moments of family life.

Not that children don’t insert play and fun everywhere they turn.

That’s not it….

It’s about me. The mom. It is knee-jerk to say NO, to keep everyone in line, to bark directions, to shoo the slow ones out the door in a rush and panic.

Fun? Play??? The kids are out of socks again. There is no time for play

So much in life keeps us focused on tasks and responsibilities. The day to day to day to day all-too-easily overshadows the play and fun to be had in the family relationship.

What am I trying to say?


Create play.

Don’t forget to play.

In fact… hit “play”… Soak in what my warm and wonderful friend Meredith (Hoo Dee Hoo!) has to say about the importance of play:

Do you create time to play in your family?


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