Make Me Laugh Monday: She Makes Me Laugh

by | Feb 7, 2011 | Family & Friends, General | 4 comments

My friend Lisa.

She is probably one of the wittiest people I know. And one of the most generous. Compassionate. Funny. Funny. Oh-so-funny… And also one of the most running-late-iest.

But we all have our issues…

Lisa is my own little human confidence prop. She’s like Mikey, she’ll eat go to/do anything. She’s the friend I crash parties with… and vice-versa. She’s my human panic room… My own cheer squad. She’s like that itch you can’t scratch — always there. Wait. Um.

We’ve made several videos together. This one is my favie:

Not to beat a dead-horse, but… she’s kind-of like a nubbin, only not attached. And not creepy. Nor bothersome. And with lots of gorgeous, red, curly hair, and dance moves that put Solid Gold to shame.


My Lisa. She has issues with being able to find her phone in her purse.

The other evening, for the umpteenthzillionth time she griped and grunted searched for her phone in the deep caverns of her purse. Exhasperated, she emoted:

tweet tweet

Of course, she made me snort. And then I was all, “DUDE. You haz gots to tweet that. THAT was funny!”

And she did. Because she is a really good listener too. A great quality in a friend.

The end.


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