Make Me Laugh Monday: My Boy

This is my boy. He’s the kid with the black sweatshirt. Have mercy on my soul, my boy…

That’s my boy! from Jenny On the Spot on Vimeo.

O.K. So, I’m pretty proud too.

I love having a boy… He freaks me out, grosses me out and amazes me everyday.

Yesterday was his friend’s birthday. He brought his buddy a gift. His broken DS.


So they could smash it to pieces.

smashed dsThis stuff reminds me of the time when my son was a little guy in preschool. All the little girls were ooh-ing and ahh-ing over a caterpillar. They gathered grass and water to care for the fuzzy creature. But the boys became curious… headed over and shouted, “LET’S KILL IT!!

Stomped the poor thing to death… Those poor, upset little girls!


My boy.



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3 Responses to “Make Me Laugh Monday: My Boy”

  1. Jennheffer says:

    Oh Jenny!!! How DANG CUTE IS HE!!! I can’t believe that is the same little guy we used to snuggle with and watch Veggietales – the cheeseburger song – with OVER AND OVER! (I think we liked it even more than he did!)

    Be proud. You should be. He is sure turning into an amazing young man.

    You and Paul have done SO WELL!

  2. Brandy says:

    Sounds about right … boys! My first born was a girl she is now 8 and surely she isn’t impressed that I went on to have two BOYS. yes little brothers who are so much fun for her 😉 At least they entertain! I think my boys do the same gross me out, scare me yet amaze me all at once!

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