Make Me Laugh Monday: Living Outside the City Limits

by | Jan 24, 2011 | General | 8 comments

We live outside the city limits.

3 acres of scotch broom dandelions dirt weeds open space.

We answer to no city water plan. WE have a private well.

Oh the joys of outter-city dwelling.

I have a question for you… what do you get when you cross a man, his frozen well-head, a space heater, and a trash can?


Yep. We lost power right before Thanksgiving due to a downed tree during a veritable blizzard. We had 2 days without power. And when the power came back on – the water did not.

Because the well-head had frozen.

And we were hosting Thanksgiving. And when there is no water, there is no toilet flushing, which means… well… uh… let’s just say some people in our home (including guests) may or may not have had to fashion a plastic grocery bag about the toilet seat in order to make poopie.

There is so much not fun in that.

So my huz, in a effort of love and mercy and frugality… got creative. He took a space heater. Put it next to the well-head…

heater and well-head

Dumped the recycle can over the two…

the plan

and about 12 hours later — RUNNING WATER!

But it’s not just water and power that sets us country-folk apart. Think of the animals! I have seen people riding horses along our road… The raccoons like our garbage cans… Certain times of the year I have to be careful not to drive ON (and thus murder) any of the wild baby bunnies that frequent our driveway. I have killed one on a nearby-road, and that TOTALLY ruined my day. Then there are the coyotes. They are horrible. Some nights… very late… we hear the pack(s) getting their midnight snack.

It’s absolutely terrible to listen to. Aaaanywho.

Then, of course, there are times like these:

tweet tweetShe told me about this, and I had never seen this man before… but sure as the sun rises… on my way back from picking up the kids from school – I saw a mom and kids that had been waiting for the bus walking back to their home – with 2 goats in tow.

Ah… life… country life.


It’s Winter! Speaking of WINTER, Olivia has her newest Project We post up! Last week’s theme was Winter… I wasn’t able to get a winter-themed post up, but she sure did. Love that girl. SO much.


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