Make Me Laugh Monday: Influencer

by | Apr 11, 2011 | Family & Friends | 1 comment

I have long-wanted to be considered an “influencer”… In the world of blogging and social media, the word “influencer” is thrown around quite a bit. When someone calls someone an “influencer” I get all life-listy, and think, “Oooh. I should put ‘become and INFLUENCER’ on my list!”

Well, one could say, had I a life list, I could mark it off my list.

Do any of y’all remember that one story about Kevin. That one story about that one time he … oh… THIS STORY? If you go read that story, it will give vital context to the Facebook post from my friend… my poor, poor friend Sara…

facebook postSee??? She said I am INFLUENTIAL! Hitherhencetofore — AN INFLUENCER!!!

Well. Oh.



Maybe I should re-think this whole “influencer” thing. Maybe being the reason (well, her dog does get SOME credit… and I don’t throw around credit to others liberally!) your friend ends up barfing is not necessarily… … … AAAAAaaanywho…

Happy Monday. I hope I don’t make you barf today. I also hope your dog doesn’t vomit on your floor, or anywhere else a dog might vomit.

And if your dog DOES vomit… yeah… good luck with that.


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