Make Me Laugh Monday: Dreams Revealed

by | Jan 17, 2011 | General | 1 comment

Often, when people write about dreams, there is a level of noble intent attached.

Not here.


But I HAVE included a tasty picture of tiramisu. There is a reason for this. Trust me.

And also, if I gave my self topical post awards, this one would probably win for most bizarre or most random post.

Let’s just cut to the chase. Somebody dreamed about Me.

I know this because I received an email from this site. Apparently it’s a site where you can anonymously share dreams you’ve had about others. AND OH MY WORD DID I LAUGH. OUT. LOUD!

I was afraid to read at first… I worried… A Dream? What KIND of dream???

This was what was shared:

Must be because I read your blog yesterday, but I had a dream that you and I were captured by cannibals and you convinced them to eat me up first because I had just eaten tiramisu so I would taste sweeter! Thankfully I woke up before the eating begun. WTF!

I am kind-of proud of me… Being so savvy about how cannibals think and such. I apologize for being so selfish, but… well… golly. My life was at stake, and thank you… I am relieved that I exercised logic… in your dream.

That doesn’t so much happen in real life, so… I’m glad it’s happening somewhere…

Good golly, I laughed so hard…


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