Make Me Laugh Monday: Cake and Other Addictive Substances

by | Dec 13, 2010 | Life | 3 comments

For my anniversary, my husband and I went to see Cake.

cake in concert

I see that. You just turned green with envy. I also saw The Black Keys. And Patrick (the drummer, yes, we are that close) even played his drums with a maraca. I am overcome. Awesome.


But Cake didn’t play Short Skirt, Long Jacket… nor Rock and Roll Lifestyle NOR DID THEY PLAY The Distance.

For shame.

But it was the large population of VERY young people crowding in on my Cake-space at the concert that bothered me the most. I think Cake was born YEARS before these kids. And these babies were in front of ME. Youth. And I was sure these young pups were incapable of appreciating Cake the way I do. But then… hope.

At the end of Cake’s set one of the younguns turned to me. Perhaps he needed a mother-figure… He looked at me, sad eyes… confused eyes… pleading eyes and yelled to me above the crowd, “I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY DIDN’T PLAY THE DISTANCE!!!” I have new hope for the youth of our America…


I take that back.

As a woman who was wearing quite a bit of hairspray to attain and hold her “rocker chick” hair… I was a bit irritated by the two young guys lighting up an illegal substance RIGHT BY MY HAIR. Did we learn nothing from Michael Jackson???!

So. I decided to take a pictures of them. Why? Because. And did I ask to take their picture? Nope. But did they ask to almost catch my hair on fire????


pot head

pot smoker

Perhaps would be a good “Just say NO” campaign?


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