Maggots in the Lunch Box

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Why can’t I let feeding maggots lie?

I wasn’t going to share this.

Maggots in the Lunch Box

So. Maggots.

On a day not long gone (say a day six moons past)… I entered my laundry room.

To clean it.

As one does. Or doesn’t does nearly often enough.

I went to grab my daughter’s back pack but was stopped in my tracks.

Backstory: that backpack had been there since the last day of school/first day of Summer. Which means the bag had been sitting there nearly 3 months. Untouched. At least by human hands.

My face wore a look that probably resembled  this:


For what I saw… made me scream. “PAULLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!

My husband came galloping in on his steed to save me from the savage many small flies that covered my daughter’s backpack!!!!!


He took the bag and made haste with it to the outside.

I followed to find him pulling out a lunch box-bag thing that looked like it had been vomited on. I could not look closely… for my sensitive gag reflex kicked in full gear. I turned away before the reflex could grow into something more heinous.

My husband comforted, “Oh come on!”

I was a good 350 light years away and I could STILL smell the stank from that lunch bag.




And THAT my friends it a small glimpse into my day to day. Maggots. Puppies. Freestyle gagging. No hot water for 2 days.


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