Lowe’s Creative Challenge – My team won the Bloggers Choice Award!

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My group won! WE WON!!!

You have no idea what I’m talking about.

Lemme ‘splain… When I went to the BlogHer Conference I accepted a proposal. A very decent proposal… to be part of a creative challenge sponsored by Lowe’s. You know… every woman’s favorite home improvement store, and whathaveyou.

The reason I chose to join the challenge was because… well frankly… I am creatively deprived. I used to consider myself to be quite craft-capable, but as life has become more busy it has been hard to make time to be creative. AND I AM STARVING!!!

At the Lowe’s Creative Challenge at BlogHer there were 4 teams. We each had 60 minutes and 30 items. The challenge was to make something out of these 30 items. My team: Jill of Babyrabies.com, Tina of hometips4women. com, Kim of reluctantrenovator.com, Jennifer of themarthaproject.com, and Lindsay of linzlovesyou.com… We made a back to school board!

And we won! Truth be told, I was the least crafty of the bunch. But I am a really good worker-bee, and good at making sure corners are painted. Jennifer was the one who used the power tool. Rawr.

I did make sure little dots were added to the tails of letters. And MAN am I ready to integrate more creativity into my home. Thinking it’s time to repaint me kitchen.

The my office.


I am always setting realistic goals.

Check out the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Facebook page for … well… creative ideas! Spark your creativity!

Thank you to Lowe’s for such a fun afternoon (and lunch!) and thanks to my Back to School Board team for being so team-y and shiny and creative and nice!

Back to School Board Team of Awesome


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