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Since my word for 2013 is LOVELY… I thought I would do a little post on some neat stuff I have seen on the web this last week. Or so…

lovely via @jennyonthespot

(I have been journaling, this is one of my pages…)

I have been wanting to do a weekly wrap-up of lovey-ish things since I shared my word for 2013.

It’s been 3 weeks.

Hey! Let’s just not focus on the technical aspect of WEEKLY.


• This first share I discovered via Robbin Plemmons… 

Right now, I am particularly drawn to artist-inspired lovely things… I feel like I’m the bug and creative inspiration is the light casting a magical spell.

• Operation Christmas Child on Facebook. I have been so touched and inspired by their updates on the reactions of the children who receive a box. When you pack a box, it’s hard to imagine how the *stuff* will be meaningful. The shares on this page show how those boxes are touching children’s lives.

Speaking of children,  I found an ADORABLE video on Pinterest… via MamaKat (she’s a fun one to follow on Pinterest, btw!)… The little girl in this video… I. DIE.

• Sometimes Sweet… I met Danielle of Sometimes Sweet at a blogger event, oh… almost a year ago. She shares links to cool stuff, awesome stuff she’s discovered… she shares great pictures… features other sweet ladies. It’s a great site to hop over to and just scroll through a post at a time… A place to escape and get lost in it’s a-lot-of-times sweetness.

•Aaaaaaaand cereal box drawer dividers. Seriously. Life changer. Or drawer changer. OR LIFE CHANGER. I love me some organized drawers.

Alrighty friends… Have a LOVELY weekend.

I mean it.

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