DIY: Make Your Own Loop Yarn Christmas Tree!

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If you saw my DIY on the Loop Yarn wreath here, then you will already know how to make this tree. 

This is a Christmas tree made of loopy yarn!
What is loop (or sometimes referred to as “loopy) yarn anyways?

It is yarn that is *wait for It* LOOPED!

Recommended loop yarn for wreath project
Now that I think about it… Making a loopy yard BALL would be super cute… I am not thinkig loopy yard SNOWBALLS would be the CUTEST!

*adds “styrofoam balls” to shopping list*

But just in case you have any questions on the how-to, here’s my video where I walk us all through the process of making the loopy yarn tree!

Obviously, this project is pretty quick and easy. In keeping with that “quick and easy” theme I have compiled an online shopping list so you don’t even have to leave your house to make this happen!

You will need:

Loop yarn (snow white here, variegated green here)

Hot glue gun and I just discovered a FANTASTIC cordless (yes! cordLESS!) one here.

Styrofoam tree forms (here and here)

Straight pins (here) (optional, not absolutely necessary)

Scissors (I will assume you already have those)

I am ALL IN with this loopy yarn craze.

But don’t let lack of loops limit you. Just for kicks I broke out a skein of some chunky blanket yarn and covered one of my styrofoam trees in that!

Chunky Bernat blanket yarn
styrofoam tree DIY with chunky blanket yarn
You can find the yarn for this specific tree here, and I just discovered this yarn and now I need to order some because it is SO DELICIOUS and would make not only a cute tree, but an AMAZING wreath too!

Remember my wreath DIY?

Loopy Yarn Wreath

(Instructions here)

I know. It’s hard to find time to shower, let alone craft over the holidays. But this is truly easy, so if you have an extra half hour, that is about all you’ll need to bust out a couple of your own trees.

Otherwise, there’s always Pinterest, right?

Just pin this and save it for later. You know, that “I’ll make this later” list you’ll never get to, but somehow pinning it gives you a optimistic rush 😉

Styrofoam Loop Yarn Christmas Tree DIY
Peace and sparkles, friends!


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