DIY: Make Your Own Loop Yarn Wreath

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A wreath made of loop yarn

Friends. I don’t mean to brag but, HOW CUTE IS THIS LOOP YARN WREATH?

And it is SO easy to make!

Though I can appreciate a good, challenging craft… my sweet spot lies with the easy craft.

The kind-of craft you can do while visiting with friends. Or shooting a video…

Trouble viewing? Watch video here.
SO EASY, am I right?!

The supply list is simple. You probably already have most of the items you need on hand already.

I know I did! I have had my styrofoam wreath form floating from craft drawer to craft box to craft pile for a few years. Sometimes I think I should get rid of a bunch of my craft supplies and then something like this happens and I see how craft supply hoarding can actually be rather useful.

I don’t need to get rid of one crafty supply.

I just need more cabinets. 

Speaking of supplies… I bet you want me to quit with the witty stories and just get to the list!

OK FINE. I understand your impatience. This is so cute and you simply CANNOT WAIT to fire up your hot glue gun.

Loop Yarn Wreath Supply List:

2 skeins of loop yarn (here and lots of colors here) (My skein was 18 yards and I used about 1 and 1/4 skeins)

Recommended loop yarn for wreath project

12inch Styrofoam wreath form (here)

Styrofoam wreath form

bottle brush trees (here)

loopy yarn bottle brush trees

straight pins (in most stores or here)

hot glue gun (the one I want here)

scissors (similar to mine here)

I often get asked about my hair, so to save inquiring minds some time I use this curling iron and I made this tutorial on how to create this particular style

Not a video watcher? Here’s the DIY is written form:

  • Hot glue the end of the loop yarn onto your styrofoam wreath form. I add a straight pin for added degree of stay-power. 
  • Begin wrapping yard around form… taking care to make sure loops are out and well, loopy…Loop yarn around a styrofoam wreath form
  • Hot glue loop yarn onto form at intermittent intervals.
  • Wrap until sufficiently covered. Be sure to glue the very end.
  • Add TREES! I didn’t even hot glue mine in! That loop yard has a surprisingly cozy grip! And the trees I used (here) are a bit grabby too. 

Whaddya think? Do you think this craft is as easy as I claim it is? Do you even craft?

It’s OK If you don’t. That just means more loop yarn for me!

*wink wink*

Peace and sparkles!


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